"Who? Dave? Dave? Dave's not here." ~ Tommy Chong

Where we are and how to Contact Us

The owner of Reach M High is in Oregon. The bloggers include people from California, Oregon, Texas, New Mexico, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont and British Columbia. We use pseudonyms instead of our legal names to avoid the kinds of personal harrassment and other difficulties our families could face from strangers, neighbors, employers and other alien life forms. (Even a dwindling minority of rabid critters can be a royal pain and there ain't enough time in a day to kick all their sorry asses.)

As our personal and collective activities are lawful and we're extremely kind to moocows, those have nothing to do with the many better reasons for maintaining our privacy.

For general inquiries and offline comments, please write to The Editors. If you'd like to advertise at our site, contact Ad Sales.

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