"A laughing heart is more courageous than a serious one. A serious heart doubts, hesitates, thinks twice. The laughing one is the heart of the gambler, he simply jumps in."
~  Osho, in 'Matzu, The Empty Mirror'


Here's a real hodge podge of weird shit (or if you prefer, this is the Miscellaneous section). Some - like The Russ Belville Show - have real news and entertainment value. Some may be a bit sketchy. Though we chased away many a redundant or weak varmint, we kept these thinking they could stimulate thoughts of things that might be and can be.

The future is yours if ya never forget to think logically and never stop dreaming. We hear tell there's a plant that helps with both.

Radio & Television Broadcast Media

The Russ Belville Show

Cannabis Network Radio

High Maintenance (a sitcom that began in 2012)

420Radio.org (legalization radio 24 hours a day)

The Pothead Pundit TV Show

Kentucky Weed Radio

Social Networks

Marijuana Games


KUSH Common

MassRoots (semi-anonymous social app)

HighThere! (app used for dating)

Stoner Days

Cannabis Cookbooks

Marijuana Recipes.com

Original Weed Recipes

Marijuana Miscellany

Classically Cannabis with Colorado Symphony

Marley Natural is a brand going global.

I-Tal Hempwick (non-toxic way to light smokeables)

Smoking With Style

Howard Marks

Sure cannabis designs (t-shirts)

Celeb Stoner.com

Marijuana Selfies

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