"Marijuana leads to homosexuality ... and therefore to AIDS."
~  White House Drug Czar Carlton Turner, 1986

E-zines & Blogs

There are considerably more online and offline publications than we list here. Dispensaries, medicinal patients, cannabis businesses all over the country - and beyond - put them out. Some seem like a typical free newspaper, loaded with ads that accumulate at the edge of your driveway. Other than trying to sell you stuff, the content's very thin.

So, trying to offer a free hand to natural selection, we culled out plenty of the weak ones. It only seems right, for any marijuana rancher'll tell you sometimes you have to whack a bush to save a hedge.

The topics are numerous and some will prove useful or provide you some enjoyable reading. You'll find at least a few you'll return to.

High Times (the grandmama of cannabis journalism)

The Narco News Bulletin (longterm authentic journalism on the drug wars)

Canna Law Blog (legal and business)

Smell The Truth (News blog from the SFGate)

Marijuana Politics (the politics and more)

O’Shaughnessey’s Online (news & history of medicinal marijuana)

Drug WarRant (news and opinion)

Big Buds (friendly news and advice to growers)

Drug War Chronicle (news briefs)

Ladybud (a premiere cannabis site for women)

Kenevir Research blog (perspectives from a cannabis testing lab)

Hail Mary Jane (cannabis culture news & opinion)

Cashinbis (legal cannabis entrepreneurs and business)

Grozine (hydroponics and growing, by growers)

The Jointblog: (WA based bloggers, local and national news)

The Weedblog: (OR based blogger, local and national news)

Texas Cannabis Report (blog from the Lone Star state)

Cannabis Now (news and opinion)

The Leaf Online (news & opinion)

Sativa Magazine (general news & opinion)

The New Smoker (quarterly news & lifestyle e-zine)

Dope Magazine (news and lifestyle e-zine)

ReLeaf (general news by medicinal users)

Northwest Leaf/Oregon Leaf

AZmarijuana (Arizona and national news)

Freedom Leaf (legalization news across the US))
and its Freedom Leaf Ezine

The Stoner's Cookbook Blog (recipes and more)

I Love Growing Marijuana (growing methods)

William Breathes (advice column for smokers in Westword e-zine)

Rebranding Cannabis (marketing pot; infrequent posts)

Left Coast Canna Review (array of cannabis topics)

Oregon Cannabis Connection

Cannabis Culture (news from Canada & USA)

SF Evergreen (general news)

The Stoned Society (world news, though Holland-centric)

And of special note are two sites that cover a lot of history, research, spirituality, culture and more. Both cover other drugs, as well. They're not blogs or ezines nor standard publications, but they're real yippie-ki-yi-yo kind of places to explore.

The Vaults of Erowid

Karma Jello

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