"If'n a Creator endowed the townfolk with 'certain unalienable rights', a whole lotta preachers and town councilors sure do get to acting like atheists with all the ways they try to keep us from tracking down that happiness varmint."  ~ Cowboy Kahlil

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Per the SPARC medical dispensary website: "While cannabis has been popularized in North American pop culture as a hazy, sleep-inducing substance, many South Asian cultures traditionally use cannabis for selective meditations as a means to awakening. In India, there is over 3,000 years of history behind cannabis as a tool for healing in Ayurvedic medicine, as well as an aid in spiritual practice."

So you might want to consider the Healing & Spiritual Uses of Cannabis to be sure you're ready for the rest of this site.

Reach M High was created by corraling a huge pack of links to information about marijuana, then culling that herd to eliminate some of the duplicated info. So much cannabis information's exploding across the internet lately that it's kinda like using a broom and dustpan to clean up after a buffalo herd on laxatives.

And since we're all adults here, be advised that us cowpokes are known to use a bit of adult language, where necessary. There just ain't no such thing as an uncussin' cowboy. Or cowgirl. No offense to our fine respectable upstanding readers is intended. Very often.

Our Mission

We aim to provide the most comprehensive information resource on the internet about a plant utilized by hundreds of millions across the globe for its medicinal qualities or as a pleasurable enhancement of their senses.

Well known advocacy organizations like NORML (the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws) and publications like High Times contain a lot of information already. Some User Forums (message boards) contain more. We provide links to each of them, as well as to specific topics within their sites that are essential to a thorough presentation.

All the links on this site were rounded up in early 2015 and we'll add more at set intervals as we find 'em. If you discover a broken link in the meantime, please let us know. We're just not into free-range links.

Who Will Find This Site Useful

People seeking answers to medical problems, medical personnel and researchers, gardeners and farmers, herbalists, journalists and historians will find plenty to sink their teeth into. So will folks interested in legislation, proposed and pending state ballot measures, advocacy efforts and current marijuana laws.

Just about any ol' budding business entrepreneur will find quite an array of existing businesses associated with marijuana, including those considering growing the product in gardens, greenhouses, indoor areas or large outdoor farms for personal use, medicinal use or for sale.

Navigational Aid

Buttons and links are pretty clear but a couple of notes deserve repeating. The Home button and logo lead to our blog where regular posts occur daily containing news, business events, op-eds, interviews and a fair amount of horsing around that could offend the delicate sensibilities of Serious Sam and the Proper Society Bunch.

Ya also oughta know if you ever have the notion to come into physical contact with the loco weed, you'd be best advised to see what's up under the State Law button or you might find yourself perched in an entirely new bunkhouse with some less than hospitable critters and worse accomodations than ya ever got at Motel Three.

Trail Talk

Boo, bhang, bud, canna, cannabis, cheeba, chronic, dank, doobage, dope, ganja, grass, green, hemp, herb, locoweed, maryjane, mj, marihoochie, pot, reefer, sensimilla, shit, tea, twig, wacky tobacky, weed and 420 are all common synonyms for marijuana/marihuana. Other words used include sativa and indica, which are actually two families of the same plant. Blunt, bone, doob, doobie, exotic cheroot, fatty, joint, pinner, spliff and toke tube are synonyms for a marijuana cigarette.

Thousands of years of cannabis use plus the eventual legal prohibitions that occurred in the twentieth century helped inspire a host of slang words. Folks currently in cannabis businesses have created several more (seed breeders call their seeds 'gear' and announce 'drops' of fresh seed at seed retailer sites) and you're gonna want to know what the hell they're talking about. So it's good to have a dictionary handy.

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There's also online and offline classes and training available for various jobs in the marijuana growing, breeding and dispensing trades. Here's a partial list of the more notable ones.

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News and business news sites, e-zines, blogs, radio, video sources and more in one handy spot.

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Credits, where Due

Be sure to go say 'Howdy !' to the high emperor of northwest cartoons: Kevin Moore of MooreToons. He produced all the lovely renderings of us cattlepunkers and he done it so close to our actual looks that it's just plumb ridiculous. Out on the trails during our campfire siestas while the coy-oats howl, the legends of Mr. Moore just grow and grow. You'll never meet a bigger-booted guy.

And there's no way that this website could have ever made it online without the tech chops of The Fred. Our coder learned html in the Pleistocene era and The Fred had to convert his succotash into a whole zucchini with cute little monkey dishes, one with corn and one with lima beans. Now the ranch can be habitated by living beings. We make deep bows with sweeping hat moves to him. The Fred has mad skillz like y'all can't believe.

Now listen up: At the inception of this site, not a single link was purchased by anyone, nor will they ever be. The commercial product links are likely to be phased out over time as cannabis products become more mainstream. We will run ads after a spell, but those will be obvious and separate from our links.

Our policy is to evaluate sites for good content and talk up products well-regarded by people in cannabis industries or equipment that fares well in comparative evaluation tests. On our blog, we'll also tout good deals offering exceptional prices, but not as somebody's sales sheet pushers.
We won't sacrifice our reasonably objective views to sell an ad ever. Why, that'd break the Cattlepunker Code of Honor.©

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