The Cops Are Too Dangerous To Have Around Cannabis



So a few of J.D.’s ladies got snatched up by marauding SWAT thugs. I’m sorry to say the ladies just couldn’t run away fast enough – in fact, they were rooted to the ground and were easily snatched up by very bad men. Only ‘Bad Men’ would rip out someone’s herb patch.

Interestingly enough, I hear our neighbors the Oceti Sakowin, or Great Sioux Nation and the the Lower Brule Lakota Sioux Tribe of South Dakota are invoking ‘Bad Men’ per the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868. citing the “death, devastation, and destruction” wreaked on the Canadian First Nations people by the massive Alberta tar sands project.

Read more about the Lakota protest here.

When the laws and the police that enforce them, that were to ‘serve and protect’ the citizenry, become horrifyingly dystopian, then it sure is time to seek redress. The ‘Bad Men’ should get indicted and sent to jail, and a different paradigm of policing should be installed.


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About Missy Maconha

Missy's a Nor'easter with a pack of stories from years spent travelin' through the American continents. Her moniker, Maconha, was adopted after her adventures in Brazil (it means 'cannabis'). Previously a stealth grower of Amsterdam seedstock, she now legally grows medicinal flowers. A longtime activist in the streets and legislative halls, she's the Ranch's schoolmarm and grow queen. In her words: "This is the good life."